Project: Niue’s Kalaga Beer Brand

Project: Niue’s Kalaga Beer Brand


We were asked to develop a simple but strong brand for a new beer for export to Niue. We researched and came up with the name ‘kalaga’ – meaning to ‘shout’, i.e. buy someone a drink, in Niuean. Happily, the sound of it mimics the word ‘lager.’ The brand was applied first to the product packaging: can labels and cartons. The sumptuous patterned backgrounds on the labels are drawn from reference to Niuean weaving, a respected cultural practice on the island.


Project: SmartLift

Project: SmartLift

SmartLift Systems

In late 2015, two things became obvious: firstly, that the regional stock of damaged houses was finite and Smartlift needed to promote its service to retain the lion’s share of the work still available while considering its strategy for the future. Secondly, the company became aware it was now time to put something back into the community that had given it so much work.

They rightly looked to the valiant team at G&A Creative Agency to help.

We went to the drawing board to create a campaign to raise brand recognition and ensure the company’s point of difference came across. The campaign had to find qualified leads that would ultimately generate referrals and increased business for Smartlift.

We came up with finding an earthquake-damaged community building, such as a clubhouse or similar, that would benefit from the Smartlift process. Smartlift would lift and level it at no cost for the benefit of the community using it. All promotion would focus on benefits to the community rather than on the client, and community engagement would be encouraged. Costs of running this type of campaign, even including the building lift, can be much less than running a typical advertising campaign with conventional media placement.


Reach (Unique Users)

Page 'Likes' from 0


Increase in website visits

The campaign raised the public profile of Smartlift beyond expectations. And best of all, the results were measurable.


  • 231,463 impressions by 123,273 unique users of the Smartlift brand on social media.
  • Growing the Smartlift Facebook page from 0 to 1,093 “likes”
  • Nearly 10,000 visits, including 7,036 unique visitors, to Smartlift’s website in two months
  • Average daily traffic to the Smartlift website increased by 600% during the campaign.
  • The majority of the group is between the ages of 25 and 44; 60% are female and 40% male, mostly from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Project: Metropol [Concept Work]

Project: Metropol [Concept Work]


G&A worked with local free lifestyle magazine, Metropol, on some rebranding concepts. The magazine has changed format twice recently and, in the end, these were not applied – but they are still among our fave magazine concepts. We’re proud of them and they remain in the fridge for later.

Project: Mediterranean Foods

Project: Mediterranean Foods

MEditerranean foods

After presenting another creative rebrand concept to Mediterranean Foods, they locked in this one, a simple but warm and inviting Mediterranean aesthetic which promises delicious produce and goods from the Mediterranean region. We went on to develop their branding collateral, stationary, and a stunningly simple website with a third party back-end wholesale ordering system for their regular clients in the hospitality industry to aid efficiency in their warehouse processes out in Rangiora.

Project: Lake Tekapo [Concept Work]

Project: Lake Tekapo [Concept Work]


We were approached by the Lake Tekapo Promotions group to give them some ideas on how to lift the township’s appeal to tourists. We jumped at the chance to excite them with an outsider’s perspective on what our favourite thing about Tekapo is, and what we believe to be their unique point of difference from other small towns in the area – the stunning night skies. We developed a logo concept inspired by constellations and the beautiful colours of the aurora that dances through the skies at night.


We fleshed this out with ideas on how to develop this in to a full marketing campaign, with brochures, t-shirts, bus decals, street signage, Christchurch Airport promotions and spreads in travel magazine Lonely Planet. We even developed a concept for Tekapo’s very own smart phone app which gives tourists a guide on all the things to see and do in Tekapo with special discount offers for using the app.

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