The Team
Some of us seem to have been here forever. Others are a fresh, energetic face in the game. Check out the cred on G&A’s main players here.


Director + Senior Designer + Everything Do-er


Emma joined the team in late 2014. As a creative, not only is Emma a remarkably organised human with a down-to-earth approach, no-bullshit attitude and a crazy knack for always getting everything done on time and on budget, she is also a talented musician and songwriter fronting her own project, Emma Dilemma.

She completed a Bachelor of Design majoring in Visual Communications at Ara in 2012, and was quickly chased by a multitude of agencies in New Zealand recognising her borderline super-human range of skills and talents.

Her natural creativity comes packaged with high attention to detail and a wonderful way with the clients, an unusual combination in a designer. On top of this she can somehow always manage to fit ‘one more project’ on her plate at any given time – and complete it with excellence.

In 2017, Grant and Mandy decided their best succession plan was to simply hand over the reins to Emma, so she can take the agency into the digital future – a place she feels thoroughly at home as part of growing up during the internet’s creation and rise.

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Grant Nelson

Co-Founder + Sales Manager + Creative

Grant works directly with many G&A clients including Solid Energy, Shilton Brown, Foodstuffs and Christchurch International Airport to name a few. His 35 years of creative, branding and advertising experience include some years in London and with Saatchi & Saatchi here in Christchurch.

Grant co-founded G&A in 1984 with wife and business partner Mandy Nelson. Grant is driven by generating results through creativity. For Grant, there is nothing more rewarding than growing brands and creating successful marketing campaigns, of which many New Zealand and Canterbury organisations and companies have been on the receiving end.

Not only is Grant a qualified designer and creative director, he is also a talented sailor of racing and leisure yachts known as ‘Nelly’ to sailing buddies and some school friends. When not at work or on a yacht, he can be found skiing, fishing, supporting the visual and performing arts, or socialising with friends and family over a good New Zealand wine.

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MANDY Nelson

Co-Founder + Writer + Creative

Mandy is analytical and artistic. Reasoning and aesthetics are both important to her and she’s as happy developing creative concepts in pictures as she is in words. She delivers concepts founded on integrity and sound marketing strategy, and crisp, clean copy harnessing the power and beauty of simple language.

As a writer, her strengths lie in information hierarchy – organising information logically – and cutting out the crap. She is in full command of the mechanics of English style, grammar and punctuation. Her non-fiction writing capabilities and experience range from corporate copy (company profiles; websites; annual reports; strap lines; brand stories; editing client copy) through to creative advertising campaigns; TV ad scripts; and the naming of products, places and companies. Her corporate copy writing is founded with integrity in 30 years’ experience in marketing strategy and a deep understanding of branding.

Her fiction writing capabilities extend to children’s books, ‘The Pebble Puppy’, and poetry commissioned or written simply for fun. She has experience in using poetic forms such as triolets, sonnets and similar. She also writes exceptionally classy erotic limericks and rhyming doggerel with perfect scansion. Moral of the story – we can challenge her!

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Photographer + Traveller


Daniela became part of our network in 2015 when her and Emma met and had an instant connection over aestehtics. She’s an insanely talented photographer based in Christchurch. She was born in a small Swiss village called Klosters and grew up amongst the Canterbury plains in Christchurch, New Zealand.

She loves shooting everything from creative and crazy concepts, weddings, portraits all the way through to her main love which is shooting food. We hope she gets to eat it afterwards.

Daniela loves to tell stories through photography and to help businesses create beautiful, eye sizzling content.

You can view Daniela’s freelance work here