By Mandy Nelson of G&A Creative Agency

g&a the giveback agency christchurch

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I’ve heard it said that it is not until policemen start to appear incredibly young can you consider yourself grown-up. But what does it mean when not only the boys in blue but also the seats of power start to look like kids? Look at Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau. (I know I did. Several times.) Look at our own Jacinda Ardern. Hell, look at Kim Jong Un. In spite of that last one, I have a gut feeling that things are probably unfolding exactly as they should.

I’ve accumulated a modicum of wisdom and a few battle scars over the years. I’m still not always entirely clear where I am but I’m pretty sure I have arrived somewhere. I was looking for a goalpost, finishing line, prize, or a sign of sorts – and I am confident a numb bum from sitting in an office chair for 33 years is that sign. I have happily dialled down pressure to ‘acquire’ because I actually have enough stuff to last me the rest of my life. Anyone want a couple of office chairs surplus to needs? I now feel lighter and simply want to ‘do’ and ‘be’ more, not ‘buy’ and ‘own’ more. I’ll never be wealthy or powerful like Kim Jong Un, but I am staring down a kaleidoscope of options, ready to build new purpose, exploit a rare opportunity to learn something just for fun, and generally shake the shit out of some unexpected adventures in far-off places. This is a sparky place full of energy: possibly a launch-pad and maybe even a black hole. I can see the entrance – but not the exit.


G&A the giveback agency christchurch

After 33 years in business (Is there a Christchurch advertising, design or marketing agency that has operated for longer under one ownership?), we, that’s Mandy and Grant, are passing the reins over to Emma Cameron.


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Let’s acknowledge it: she’s been doing the hard graft behind much of the creative and all of the design and artwork here at G&A for a while now. And to mark the agency’s new driver and change of direction, there’s a new brand. Of course there is a new brand! G&A Creative Agency will henceforth be known as the Giveback Agency, still G&A to our friends. Grant and Mandy will continue to work on marketing and creative strategy for clients, fronting major projects and bringing in new business. But with the call to manage a couple of marketing projects in Australia in 2018, we’ll be doing much of that from a greater distance.

A digital native, Emma has already brought high energy, experience in running social media campaigns and her youthful outlook to G&A over the past few years. Now she’s going to push out G&A’s horizons towards new industry sectors and delve deeper into better ways of getting all clients a return on their investment through exposure online and over social media, alongside traditional marketing, branding and advertising strategies.

G&A the giveback agency christchurch


Watch out for G&A’s developing emphasis on social conscience marketing, because we believe there are better ways of doing business in the 21st century. Good people demand accountability and lead by example, right? Social conscience marketing is where promotions not only expose your own brand but also help a cause, community group or charity. Check out the new G&A website for more detail on all that.

You reap what you sow in life. There can be no better season than Christmas to generally infect as many people as possible with the giving bug and offer Emma our full support.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us all at G&A – the Giveback Agency.


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It will be business as usual at the new Giveback Agency (G&A) for all existing clients. Emma will be the primary contact from Monday 18th of December through the comfortingly familiar email addresses and phone number. We’ll all have some quiet time from December 22nd and reopen after the Christmas break on January 8th, 2018.