Welcome the first edition of ‘Giving Back’ – a newsletter and email segment sent out to all of our clients, friends, and family, to support a great local cause within our community, to the benefit of everyone involved.
By Emma Cameron of G&A Creative Agency



Here at The Giveback Agency, we’re in the business of, well, giving back. Specifically in our form of Social Conscience marketing. Social conscience marketing spreads benefits beyond the client’s sphere of influence. In other words, it’s marketing for good. A client’s product or service, and the marketing process itself, can reinforce social and ethical values for the benefit of communities – and it does not need to cost more than conventional marketing. The one proviso? Make it genuine.

This month I’m flipping the Social Conscience Marketing philosophy back on to myself and G&A, and teaming up with The Road Traffic Accident Trauma Trust.

A couple months ago, I met Sarah Dean at a Digital Marketing seminar and networking event for small-to-medium businesses, which was hosted by our very own social media expert, Moses Robbins. We got chatting, and she explained to me what she does with her charity, the Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust (RTAT), which absolutely blew me away. This woman is passionate about her charity and she works damned hard day after day to support survivors of road accidents and family of those who were lost in road accidents.it.


Sarah personally founded The Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust in 2010 to provide counselling, advocacy and advice to assist those that have been affected by road traffic accident related trauma which is largely an unmet need in the community. In particular, it was founded to provide a service for those that do not meet criteria for counselling support under the Accident Compensation Act. This is the first Charitable Trust of its kind in New Zealand.



Where we can Give Back:
Road Accident Remembrance Day™


In New Zealand a very topical subject is its steadily increasing road toll and crash rate. Last year, more people died on our roads than any year since 2010. As a direct result, post trauma is more prominent and produces widespread affects in our community.

What is unique and special about the Road Accident Remembrance Day™ is that it reaches those in our community deeply impacted by road trauma. Sponsorship will enable RTAT to continue to provide our free services to the public, which includes community education, counselling services (for survivors, witnesses or bereaved families), Canterbury Road Trauma Awards and the Road Accident Remembrance Day™.

The Road Accident Remembrance Day™ includes the families of those who passed away on the roads in Canterbury over the past year. To date the Trust has worked with over 138 families. Families have travelled as far as from Australia and across New Zealand for the event.

Partners of the RARD™ include the Police, Fire and Emergency, Order of St John, New Zealand Transport Agency, Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust, Canterbury District Health Board and Canterbury Charity Hospital Trust


We’re putting the word out to our networks here at G&A to help RTAT with the hunt for potential sponsors for RTAT’s Road Accident Remembrance Day, which is happening on Saturday 3rd November, 2018 in North Hagley Park.


The Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust is not Government funded and sponsorship is vital to cover its operational expenses for the Road Accident Remembrance Day.

Sponsors of Road Accident Remembrance Day attain many benefits from their investment:

  • Increased brand awareness, product placement and endorsement opportunities of such a charity and event.
  • Contact with hard to reach consumers at the event this includes notable and distinguished attendees.
  • Strong advertising reach (independent academic research has determined advertising return of investment of approximately $120,000).
  • An opportunity for your organisation to demonstrate industry specific corporate responsibility.

Collectively as a community we can all make a difference.


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Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at G&A if you’re interested to learn more about the Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust, or how you or your business may be able to help with the  Road Accident Remembrance Day™