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We are increasingly demanding transparency and accountability in all areas of our lives.

Businesses are required to think more deeply about the direct and indirect effects their actions have on societies and the environment.

There is no better place to effect change than within your own sphere of influence so G&A is challenging some old ways of doing things and embracing new behaviours. We aim to deliver a positive return for society and a financial return on investment for our clients through using marketing budgets in more imaginative and effective ways. These goals are not mutually exclusive. We’ll achieve them by developing creative promotional campaigns that benefit not only our clients’ businesses, but also a third party. That third party could be a community, a charity, a family, a sports team, a school, a research project, a not-for-profit, a start-up enterprise or any cause with a profile our client shares values or interests with. We work with our clients to find a great match that offers them promotional activity and brand visibility through a symbiotic relationship.
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After gaining more than three decades of experience in branding, strategic marketing, advertising, design, and digital and paper-based publishing, we’ve updated our business philosophy to demonstrate more social responsibility. We anticipate lots of our clients will want to do the same. We’ll continue to deliver cracking creative within our proven, four-stage project development process. With expectations aligned, we use all the tools at our disposal, our network of specialist suppliers, and conventional as well as new channels to market in order to connect you, our client, with the right target.
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We have a proven four-stage process we follow to develop brands, creative campaigns and marketing strategy.

Stage 1: Create The Story

Firstly, we get our clients to tell us about their businesses.

We like it when they talk a lot at this point.


Stage 2: Identify the best storytellers

Secondly, we collaborate with the client and look very hard at the clients perceived, actual and potential target markets. Those markets may be segmented.

We prioritise the market segments and choose the most appropriate media channels.

Stage 3: Tell the Story

Thirdly, we get our creative juices flowing and come up with exceptionally imaginative ways to reach those targets.


Stage 4: Publish the Story

The last stage is all about implementation: collaborating with the best media agency; printer or film production teams; and getting material printed, on the air or online, filmed, staged or built – whatever it takes!

Creative concept work is our core business and we treat developing marketing plans, running social media campaigns, reaching target markets, and matching clients to a social cause as a creative challenge. 
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We think our way laterally around challenges and we believe the creative part of any brand or promotion begins with the brand story and marketing strategy. Contact us to find out more about how we work through a campaign, stage by stage.

For specialist skills, we reach out to our network of acclaimed photographers, film makers, technical writers, animators, printers, signwriters, illustrators, sponsors, website builders, exhibition builders, social media managers, media buyers and professional geeks. We’ll integrate their services seamlessly into the big picture and manage your project or brand.

So, yes,
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