By Mandy Nelson

You’d have to be Gagged and AWOL to miss the growing potential of social media for marketing purposes these days. Like us, you will have heard all sorts of success stories about people who have built huge businesses through online trading, or have expanded their existing bricks and mortar enterprises as a result of adding online media promotions to their marketing portfolio. Of course, not only business but also many organisations including charities, clubs and educational institutions will also benefit from branding and marketing themselves online.

Promoting your company through such channels is an excellent option for many businesses. New ways of gaining people’s attention online are opening up all the time and the potential for fine tuning a message to a specific target market continues to expand. Ever alert to what works best for our clients, the G&A team is thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with technical experts in building campaigns over social media, the Auckland-based company Easy Social Media. We welcome Easy Social Media to Christchurch and now share our office space with their Christchurch social media manager, Moses Robbins.

Moses Robbins social media milk and honey marketing

Moses Robbins – Social Media Guru

G&A Creative develops original concepts that are designed to raise brand awareness across several media, or alternatively, can be specific to one medium. Now that we share a nest with Easy Social Media, it is simple and immediate for us to collaborate when we feel social media channels are the right fit for a client’s branding and promotions. Our experts are on the spot.

Let’s look at what type of organisation or business will benefit from a strategic marketing programme that incorporates social media channels and other online exposure:

1)        Any organisation that wants to connect directly, person-to-person, with their clients and customers.

2)        All small-to-medium enterprises.

3)        Organisations wanting to get better value out of their marketing budget, i.e. more bang for their buck.

4)        Any organisation wanting to target their prospects, customers or membership list more accurately.

5)        Organisations and businesses that want more control over their publicity and relish the opportunity to respond directly and immediately to positive or negative feedback.

6)        Those seeking new business who want to improve their lead-to-close-of-sale conversion rates.

7)        All organisations wanting to create more touch points, interact more often and more meaningfully with their customers.

8)        All businesses and organisations wanting to gather better quality data about their prospects and clients.

9)        Organisations that want to increase search engine rankings and visits to their website.

10)      Organisations wanting to expand their geographical reach.

11)      Organisations that value trust. An accessible brand appears like a trustworthy brand.

Clearly most organisations, whether they are a business, not-for-profit entity, education institution or some other flavour, can meet many or all of their promotional goals and needs online. The right social media marketing programme presents an opportunity for them to directly contact clients and then immediately measure the results of that effort. Social media is not a temporary fad. It will keep evolving and it’s here to stay. The G&A team loves kicking against the boundaries of social media as a marketing tool – and remains on amber alert, ever ready to spot new ways of promoting our clients.