G&A believes that NZFoam’s insulation product is markedly different from other insulation products on the New Zealand market and shows distinct features and benefits. Which is why we were more than keen to help set up the strategy to launch them to the forefront of the kiwi building professionals and punters in 2019.

In 2018, we worked with them to develop their brand story to lay the foundations for country-domination; outlining their core values, unique selling point and elevator pitch to help unify the team and help educate their potential customers on how superior their insulation is to all others. Developing the tagline ‘Warmer Forever’ to encompass what we want to communicate to the public, and refreshing their website to make it mobile friendly, SEO friendly, and communicating the product benefits clearly and effectively.

In 2019, we set out to find more creative ways to communicate this message, and decided the best way to do that would be to create a friendly mascot. We then got the word out there about our new mascot by launching a nationwide naming competition packed full of fantastic prizes. In June 2019, we found out his name: Filmore.


The brand new NZFoam website is the company’s most significant branding tool and G&A generated an information hierarchy and keyword-rich written content; designed the site; and built the site in-house, optimising it for future Search Engine Marketing and other online digital marketing activities.