Project: Mount Brown Estates: Brand Strengthening

Project: Mount Brown Estates: Brand Strengthening

Mount Brown Estates

We have worked with Mount Brown Estates for a number of years now, designing wine labels and helping with marketing campaigns. We were very excited when they approached us at the start of 2019 saying they were ready to take their brand to the next level. This didn’t mean just strengthening the look of the brand, but what the story behind Mount Brown Estates really was, and how we could make that clearer to wine lovers around New Zealand and beyond.

We swiftly launched in to our four-stage process, and discovered the ‘why’ behind Mount Brown Estates; their team, the vineyards, and the winery. Everything they do comes from a great understanding of the entire process of creating wine, and knowing that having care and control over the process from vine-to-bottle allows Mount Brown Estates to create the high quality drop that they do.

Going through this research, development, and final story telling process allowed our creative juices to flow in to how we might let this story flow in to the visual representation of the band. And thus, we were inspired by the teams’ passion for the process, and their work ethic on the vineyard and in the winery. The entire team is a hands-on, can do bunch, and the story behind father-daughter duo, Tony and Catherine, having literally built this business with their own hands – we wanted to reflect that in the creative. So we set out gathering some historical scribblings of their original plans for the vineyard and winery as graphic elements, and also developed some intricate and rustic hand-drawn pieces of vineyard and winery imagery.

The overall effect is a slick but warm and approachable brand, elevating their business in the market and helping to drive interest and trust in the brand.

Image: Original mood board brainstorm for aesthetic elements of the brand.


We worked closely with local artist, Hannah Weeber, to create a series of beautiful hand-drawn images for the brand.


Project: Foodstuffs South Island Gala 2018

Project: Foodstuffs South Island Gala 2018


We were elated to help Foodstuffs South Island celebrate their milestone of hitting $3b in turnover this year with a series of outrageous events for staff and members. Inspired by the simultaneous release of their new book “Feeding the South: A history of Foodstuffs in the South Island 1928–2018” by Alan Malcolmson with John McCrystal, we put together a theme of the landscape of grocery shopping for New Zealanders in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.

The largest event for the Members was held in the great hall of the Wigram Airforce Museum, appropriately surrounded by the stunning aircraft of the early 20th Century. We worked closely with the team at Theme Productions to bring our ‘Blast from our Past’ theme to life in the hall, and we were entertained by the wonderfully hilarious MC, Michele A’Court, who walked us through a week in the life of a regular shopper in the 1920s.

Later in the night, we were enthralled by the live music of the Garden City Big Band, while dance troupe, The Swingtown Rebels, performed a range of vintage dances – and even taught a quick lesson to the 300+ attendees so we could all dance on-theme for the rest of the night!

It all wound down in a hidden area set up as a traditional Speakeasy bar before guests ‘charleston’ed’ and ‘lindy-hopped’ on home.

We’d like to congratulate FSSI again for their hard work to supply the South Island with it’s grocery needs.

Project: Foodstuffs South Island Annual Reports

Project: Foodstuffs South Island Annual Reports


Foodstuffs South Island Ltd has come to G&A to produce their annual reports since 2008: that’s eleven we’ve completed to date! For each of them, we develop a creative theme for the year. From there, the process involves tasks such as sourcing models, writing up a shooting schedule for the photographer, then art-directing the shoot. Photos selected and manipulated as necessary, illustrations created in-house or by commission, designs and visuals produced; text edited and proofed if required; finished artwork prepared; and lastly, printing managed by G&A.

The 2017 and 2018 Reports are showcased in bites below.

Project: Medbury School

Project: Medbury School


Leading private boys primary school, Medbury School, approached us develop a creative concept for their updated core values, with focus on a set of base skills spanning across all educational sectors such as creativity, confidence, compassion, environmental awarenees, and embracing the digital world, that every student would graduate and enter the next phase of their life with. They had been calling this ‘The Medbury Boy’ which sparked the inspiration of presenting these core values as a fun, anatomical infographic with various objects and illustrations representing each category of skills.

This was developed to use as a small brochure introducing their updated core values alongside presenting the schools’ facility developments at their end-of-year prizegiving. Plans to roll out this creative across the rest of their marketing materials are in the works as we speak!

Working alongside local rockstar photographer, Dave Richards, to bring our concept to life was an absolute treat!