Project: Mount Brown Estates: Brand Strengthening

Project: Mount Brown Estates: Brand Strengthening

Mount Brown Estates

We have worked with Mount Brown Estates for a number of years now, designing wine labels and helping with marketing campaigns. We were very excited when they approached us at the start of 2019 saying they were ready to take their brand to the next level. This didn’t mean just strengthening the look of the brand, but what the story behind Mount Brown Estates really was, and how we could make that clearer to wine lovers around New Zealand and beyond.

We swiftly launched in to our four-stage process, and discovered the ‘why’ behind Mount Brown Estates; their team, the vineyards, and the winery. Everything they do comes from a great understanding of the entire process of creating wine, and knowing that having care and control over the process from vine-to-bottle allows Mount Brown Estates to create the high quality drop that they do.

Going through this research, development, and final story telling process allowed our creative juices to flow in to how we might let this story flow in to the visual representation of the band. And thus, we were inspired by the teams’ passion for the process, and their work ethic on the vineyard and in the winery. The entire team is a hands-on, can do bunch, and the story behind father-daughter duo, Tony and Catherine, having literally built this business with their own hands – we wanted to reflect that in the creative. So we set out gathering some historical scribblings of their original plans for the vineyard and winery as graphic elements, and also developed some intricate and rustic hand-drawn pieces of vineyard and winery imagery.

The overall effect is a slick but warm and approachable brand, elevating their business in the market and helping to drive interest and trust in the brand.

Image: Original mood board brainstorm for aesthetic elements of the brand.


We worked closely with local artist, Hannah Weeber, to create a series of beautiful hand-drawn images for the brand.


Project: NZFoam Brand Strengthening & Mascot Creation

Project: NZFoam Brand Strengthening & Mascot Creation

G&A believes that NZFoam’s insulation product is markedly different from other insulation products on the New Zealand market and shows distinct features and benefits. Which is why we were more than keen to help set up the strategy to launch them to the forefront of the kiwi building professionals and punters in 2019.

In 2018, we worked with them to develop their brand story to lay the foundations for country-domination; outlining their core values, unique selling point and elevator pitch to help unify the team and help educate their potential customers on how superior their insulation is to all others. Developing the tagline ‘Warmer Forever’ to encompass what we want to communicate to the public, and refreshing their website to make it mobile friendly, SEO friendly, and communicating the product benefits clearly and effectively.

In 2019, we set out to find more creative ways to communicate this message, and decided the best way to do that would be to create a friendly mascot. We then got the word out there about our new mascot by launching a nationwide naming competition packed full of fantastic prizes. In June 2019, we found out his name: Filmore.


The brand new NZFoam website is the company’s most significant branding tool and G&A generated an information hierarchy and keyword-rich written content; designed the site; and built the site in-house, optimising it for future Search Engine Marketing and other online digital marketing activities.

Project: Eliot Sinclair Rebrand and Website

Project: Eliot Sinclair Rebrand and Website


In 1932, Registered Surveyor Eliot Orton Sinclair founded the surveying firm ‘Eliot O Sinclair’ in Christchurch which has since evolved into the entity now known as Eliot Sinclair & Partners Ltd. In 2018, we begun working with Eliot Sinclair & Partners (ESP) to refresh their brand identity and internal brand story to boost their profile and rightfully place them as one of Christchurch’s best firms amongst their competitors.


The brand new Eliot Sinclair website is the company’s most significant branding tool and G&A generated an information hierarchy and written content; designed the site; and built the site in-house, tying in with their existing Google Adword scheduling which was running through their old site.

Project: Primo Bathroomware

Project: Primo Bathroomware

Primo Bathroomware

Primo is a Christchurch-based manufacturer that makes bathroom cabinetry locally. Their point of difference is that the products feature high-quality imported European vanity tops, basins and hardware. The company is family-owned and has operated for about three decades successfully, dealing mainly with bathroomware retailers and installers without the need for direct-to-public retail promotions.

Plans for expansion of the market into Auckland required an update of the brand to give it a personality that appeals to the end user. So Primo came to the team at G&A to get the job done. The market was identified as women in the mid-to-upper socio-economic group, and so we worked with them to develop the brand in a direction that felt more feminine, fashionable, and fun; developing the use of the original ‘spots’ from their old logo and refreshing the colour palette.

We then commissioned clean and crisp photography of their entire product range, to be used across the website and a brochure we developed with them to help customers personally select their preferred design features and create their own unique bathroomware.

Project: Niue’s Kalaga Beer Brand

Project: Niue’s Kalaga Beer Brand


We were asked to develop a simple but strong brand for a new beer for export to Niue. We researched and came up with the name ‘kalaga’ – meaning to ‘shout’, i.e. buy someone a drink, in Niuean. Happily, the sound of it mimics the word ‘lager.’ The brand was applied first to the product packaging: can labels and cartons. The sumptuous patterned backgrounds on the labels are drawn from reference to Niuean weaving, a respected cultural practice on the island.