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The Christchurch School of Music is one of New Zealand’s greatest musical treasures, and we’re taking 2024 enrolments now! Change yours or your child’s life with music in 2024.

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Learn one-on-one with a tutor for 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes – you choose!

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Already play an instrument and want to start performing in a group? Join one of our 25+ ensemble classes.

About The Christchurch School of Music

Tens of thousands of Christchurch children and adults have learned to love and appreciate music at CSM. CSM is a place where the whole family can learn music in the same place at the same time! We also offer a wide range of orchestras, ensembles and performing groups for all ages and abilities.

CSM is a not-for-profit organisation with a strong focus on community. On a Saturday morning the whole family can find something musical to match their interests and abilities. Preschool children can begin their musical journey by joining in our experiential “Take Off with Music” while older children and adults may opt for group or individual lessons on a specific instrument (including voice). Those who already play are welcome to join in one of our fabulous ensembles or choirs. If Saturdays aren’t an option for you or your family, CSM also offers a range of weekday opportunities for learning and playing music.

The variety at CSM is not limited to the selection of instruments and teachers, but includes a wide range of musical styles. For those with an interest in classical music our graded orchestras are the perfect choice. The family oriented concert band plays a vast selection including classical, show tunes, folk music and popular songs that everyone will recognise. Explore our website further to fi

Music Lessons

Piano Lessons

If you’re not sure which instrument to start with, you can never go wrong with the piano. Playing the piano improves coordination, builds hand strength and is a great way to develop musical knowledge which can easily be transferred to other instruments.

Woodwind Lessons

Woodwinds are a range of musical instruments that make their sound when a musician blows air into or across the mouthpiece. CSM provide lessons for recorder, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon and saxophone.

Brass Lessons

Instruments from the brass family are made from long metal tubes that feature valves, buttons and slides that alter the pitch. CSM provide lessons for trumpet/cornet, trombone, tuba and french horn.

Guitar Lessons

Whether you want to be a lead guitarist, a rhythm guitarist or a classical soloist, learning the guitar is something nobody ever regrets. The guitar is an incredibly portable instrument which can travel with you wherever you go. 

Percussion Lessons

Learning percussion is incredibly varied, so students should never become bored as lessons include a huge variety of instruments including drum kit, timpani, mallet instruments, cymbals, chimes and many more. 

Strings Lessons

CSM offers tuition for learning the violin, viola, cello and double bass. All of these instruments are available to hire from CSM in a variety of sizes from 1/10 sized through to full sized making them a good choice for younger students.

Voice Lessons

Our specially developed curriculum will ensure that students develop sound vocal technique, keep their voices healthy and develop confidence in performing. Students will increase the range and power of their voice and lessons focus on tone, expression and diction.



string, brass


“A great Christchurch institution. Well organised and a wonderful place to learn to play an instrument at any age. I wouldn’t be as passionate about music without the outstanding support, teaching and joy that CSM provides!

Joleen Cherry

Instrument Lessons starting from


per lesson*

Violin / Viola / Cello / Double Bass / Suzuki Violin / Suzuki Cello / Recorder / Flute / Clarinet / Oboe / Bassoon / Saxophone / Trumpet / Trombone / Tuba / French Horn / Percussion / Drums / Guitar / Ukulele / Piano / Take Orff With Music (Ages 2 – 7) / Classical Voice / Contemporary Voice / Theory / Aural Perception

*Based on a 20 minute private lesson, for 16 lessons in Semester 2. Prices vary from lowest (group lessons) to highest (60 minute private lessons). Let us know when you enquire to enrol what your budget is and we can help find the best lesson structure for you or your child.

Ensemble rehearsals starting from


per semester

Junior Symphony Orchesta / Intermediate Symphony Orchestra / Sinfonia / Stringendo / UC Christchurch Youth Orchestra / Camerata Strings / Chamber Music / Clarinet Ensemble / Saxophone Ensemble / Concert Band / Big Band / Windjammers / Windpower / Junior Recorder Ensemble / Intermediate Recorder Ensemble / Flute Choir / Guitar Ensemble / Christchurch Children’s Choir / Christchurch Girl’s Choir / Rock Band / Samba Band / Jazz Band / Take Orff with Music / Christchurch Recorder Ensemble



for the year

The perfect instrument for young learners or people looking to ease in to learning about music. You won’t just learn recorder technique; you will also be given a strong foundation in music theory, aural training and rhythm through fun and engaging lessons.

Includes 34 lessons, a free recorder and a tutor book.

Filling out the enrolment form does not immediately lock you in to lessons – we will contact you to discuss your enrolment and aid in picking an instrument, ensemble, or what lesson types suit you or your child best. Want to chat with us before filling out the form?


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