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The Christchurch School of Music is one of New Zealand’s greatest musical treasures, and we’re on the hunt for some new mini double bass students – no matter your age or experience! Mini-basses are especially good for younger children from 9 years upwards, but we also teach full-size upright bass and electric guitar bass! We are taking 2024 enrolments now. Is it time to change yours or your child’s life with music in 2024?

Learning to play the double bass is a wonderful thing!

As a double bass player, you will have many varied opportunities that you can pursue. The double bass is not just an orchestral instrument and is widely used in Jazz and Big Band music. The skills you learn playing the double bass can also be directly transferred to an electric bass guitar – earning you rockstar status.

6 Reasons Why You Should Learn the DOUBLE BASS

For a lot of people, the image of a talented virtuoso conjures up images of pianist in a concert hall, or an expert violinist. However, the double bass is a beautiful and necessary instrument that forms the backbone of any serious orchestra; and a number of emerging studies show that playing it can help your brain, as well.

Let’s have a quick rundown of some of the major mental and physical benefits that learning and playing the double bass provides.


Will help reading skills

We know that this seems like a bit of a reach, but stay with me – we promise there’s substance to it! The basic premise behind the claim is that musical performance and practice helps expose you to sounds you wouldn’t otherwise have encountered – thus firing the areas of the brain associated with sound processing, and analysis. This is known in academic fields as “neurophysiological distinction” – a fairly well researched phenomenon.

Developing neurophysiological distinction gives you the tools to tackle complex words and sounds in an academic setting, giving you skills that can aid in all areas of learning, but provide a special significance to reading and writing.


It's good for your memory

This isn’t necessarily a benefit unique to the upright bass, but it is one that it can give you nonetheless. According to a study published in a 2006 issue of the Journal of Educational Psychology (Vol. 98, No. 2), organized music lessons have a positive effect on overall IQ and general cognitive function. What’s more, the journal concludes that the longer you keep at it, the larger the positive effects are. Memory tests administered to a control group and a group who had a musical background indicated a significant score increase in the test subjects who had affiliation with organized music education.


It can make your brain healthier

Playing the bass is a worthwhile pursuit for a number of reasons. Studies performed on developing children showed not just a difference in brain activity, but a physical one as well – those that participated in music showed a significant increase in brain volume, as well.

In layman’s terms, the grey matter in the brain is the part responsible for processing information. That means an increase in volume can have benefits such as increased attention span, improved social behavior, and a greater mental acuity and cognitive response time. Grey matter is a sign of a healthy, functioning brain – it’s the part that does the thinking.


It's good for physical health as well

Playing any instrument has elements of good posture and position, but the upright bass may be an instrument where these qualities matter most.

Not only is it one of the more physically demanding instruments due to its large size and heavy strings, it also is typically played in an upright, standing position.

This makes proper posture essential for learning, and encourages a healthy spinal column and correct vertebrae alignment that carry benefit through one’s entire life.


the bass can open the most professional doors

The upright bass is a wonderfully dynamic and versatile instrument – professional musicians that learn the double bass have a leg up in the music industry due to the flexibility of the instrument giving it a niche foothold in several different genres.

Bassists are always in demand because they are a necessary part of so many different kinds of musical styles – be it jazz groups, live music, recording artists, rock & pop bands, or symphony orchestras.


Stress relief!

This is something that people tend to forget about when weighing the pros and cons of learning a new instrument – doing something you enjoy, especially in a group setting, is very good for you psychologically.

It’s one of the reasons that music therapy is often prescribed for behavioral disorders in both children and adults. Participating with others making music is one of mankind’s oldest and most revered pastimes, and for good reason.

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Tens of thousands of Christchurch children and adults have learned to love and appreciate music at CSM. CSM is a place where the whole family can learn music in the same place at the same time! We also offer a wide range of orchestras, ensembles and performing groups for all ages and abilities.

CSM is a not-for-profit organisation with a strong focus on community. On a Saturday morning the whole family can find something musical to match their interests and abilities. Preschool children can begin their musical journey by joining in our experiential “Take Off with Music” while older children and adults may opt for group or individual lessons on a specific instrument (including voice). Those who already play are welcome to join in one of our fabulous ensembles or choirs. If Saturdays aren’t an option for you or your family, CSM also offers a range of weekday opportunities for learning and playing music.

The variety at CSM is not limited to the selection of instruments and teachers, but includes a wide range of musical styles. For those with an interest in classical music our graded orchestras are the perfect choice. The family oriented concert band plays a vast selection including classical, show tunes, folk music and popular songs that everyone will recognise. Explore our website further to fi

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