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The Christchurch School of Music is one of New Zealand’s greatest musical treasures, and we’re on the hunt for some new clarinet students – no matter your age or experience! We are taking 2024 enrolments now. Is it time to change yours or your child’s life with music in 2024?

Clarinet: One of the most popular instruments to learn!

With its dark body and intricate shiny keys, and its warm tone, the clarinet is one of the most popular instruments today. It is relatively easy to learn and very versatile in the genres it is able to play.

8 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Clarinet

If you’re interested in taking up a musical instrument, here are 8 reasons why you should learn the Clarinet.

Like with all musical instruments, playing the Clarinet can have a significant positive impact on your mental and physical well being. From reducing stress, to improving dexterity and coordination, the benefits of playing a musical instrument are well known.

The Clarinet possesses a nuanced tone which can be associated with love, communication and confidence.

The clarinet is a versatile instrument

You can play many styles and genres of music on the Clarinet. It’s particularly well suited to Jazz & Orchestral. The Clarinet is seen in most orchestras as part of the Woodwind section.

The Clarinets diversity in sound allows it to sit comfortably in a Jazz Band, a Classical Wind Ensemble, a traditional Orchestra or common varieties of Folk Music.

Like all Woodwind instruments, you are free to express yourself on the Clarinet and can have a lot of fun improvising, either by yourself or with others, just remember it’s in the key of Bb!

The clarinet is affordable for students

Student Clarinets are widely available to purchase at affordable prices. Brands like Buffet, Yamaha & Jupiter offer student models which sound good and are comfortable to play. Student Clarinets are also widely available to rent for a small monthly fee, making it easier to start learning the instrument without a large financial commitment.

If you think the Clarinet might be for you (or your child), then you’ve chosen a good starting instrument that won’t break the bank. Like with every instrument, you can find expensive and exquisite models which are best suited for advanced/professional players, but don’t let this put you off.

If you’re unsure where to begin, we have a range of Student Clarinets for Rental & Purchase which include everything you need to get started.

The clarinet sounds great

The Clarinet has a warm and expressive tone and is capable of a wide range of sound. Here are some examples of its versatility across multiple genres:

The clarinet is portable

Clarinets are disassembled into five main parts, the barrel, the top joint, the bottom joint, the bell & the mouthpiece. When disassembled, the Clarinet is stored in a small case which can fit in most bags or backpacks. This makes it ideal as a student instrument for children to take to and from lessons or school.


The clarinet is ideal for beginners

The Clarinet is the ideal Woodwind instrument for beginners. It’s affordable for students, easier to play than most of its cousins and has a versatile sound that works across a wide range of genres.

Learning a new instrument can be quite daunting, especially if you’ve never done anything music related before. Not all instruments are made equal, some are much harder to learn than others (Bagpipes anyone?), the Clarinet is a great starting point and serves as a gateway to many other instruments.

The transferable skills learnt from the Clarinet mean you can transition fairly easily to other instruments in the Woodwind family. A common path is to start with the Clarinet and move onto the Saxophone. Although the Saxophone is different, many principles of play are the same and the skills learnt on the Clarinet, will give you a good base point for the Saxophone.

Although the Clarinet is an accessible member of the Woodwind family, like all instruments, it requires a degree of patience, perseverance and practice in order to get the most out of it.

The clarinet improves coordination & fine motor skills

Ever noticed how a Clarinet player moves their fingers with speed & precision?

All Woodwind instruments require a good level of hand-eye coordination and dexterity. A variety of hand positions and precise finger movements are required to get the best out of the instrument.

As an active Clarinet player, you’ll develop your coordination and fine motor skills.

Being a Woodwind instrument, you’ll be giving your lungs a good workout every time you play as well!

The clarinet is common in orchestras & school bands

All orchestras have a Woodwind section and within this you will find multiple Clarinets. School bands may be more popular in North America, but they do exist in the UK and they are rarely seen without Woodwind instruments such as the Clarinet.

The Clarinets popularity means you will likely find a good level of support as a student and options for orchestras and bands to join as you develop your playing ability.

The clarinet is a gateway to the world of woodwind

The Clarinet can open the door to a wide range of instruments in the Woodwind family, such as the ever popular Saxophone. It may not be plain sailing, but you’ll be able to transfer many of the skills you’ve learnt with the Clarinet over to other Woodwind instruments.

With similar principles over finger placement, breathing and the use of reeds, you’ll feel a lot happier starting on the Saxophone after some time with the Clarinet.

Standard skills such as instrument maintenance & care are also transferable, something which may be important if you’re moving up to a considerably more expensive instrument.

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About The Christchurch School of Music

Tens of thousands of Christchurch children and adults have learned to love and appreciate music at CSM. CSM is a place where the whole family can learn music in the same place at the same time! We also offer a wide range of orchestras, ensembles and performing groups for all ages and abilities.

CSM is a not-for-profit organisation with a strong focus on community. On a Saturday morning the whole family can find something musical to match their interests and abilities. Preschool children can begin their musical journey by joining in our experiential “Take Off with Music” while older children and adults may opt for group or individual lessons on a specific instrument (including voice). Those who already play are welcome to join in one of our fabulous ensembles or choirs. If Saturdays aren’t an option for you or your family, CSM also offers a range of weekday opportunities for learning and playing music.

The variety at CSM is not limited to the selection of instruments and teachers, but includes a wide range of musical styles. For those with an interest in classical music our graded orchestras are the perfect choice. The family oriented concert band plays a vast selection including classical, show tunes, folk music and popular songs that everyone will recognise. Explore our website further to fi

“A great Christchurch institution. Well organised and a wonderful place to learn to play an instrument at any age. I wouldn’t be as passionate about music without the outstanding support, teaching and joy that CSM provides!

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