Join a Wind Ensemble in 2023!

The Christchurch School of Music is one of New Zealand’s greatest musical treasures, and we’re on the hunt for musicians to join our range of Wind Ensembles – no matter your age or experience! We are taking Semester 2 2023 enrolments now!

Learn more about our Wind Ensembles available to join for both children and adults, and if you’re keen – register your interest to enrol at the form at the bottom of this page!

Windjammers and Windpower recorded in the Douglas Lilburn Auditorium of the Christchurch Town Hall, April 2022

Experience the transformative power of playing in a wind ensemble at CSM!

Instruments in wind ensembles are flutes, clarinets, oboes, bassoons and saxophones.

  • Unlock your musical potential while having a blast!
  • Develop crucial skills like rhythm, pitch, and sight reading
  • Be part of a “big” sound from the early stages of your musical journey, creating unforgettable musical memories
  • Immerse yourself in a diverse repertoire that blends timeless classics with exciting contemporary tunes
  • Unleash your passion for music while enjoying the camaraderie of playing alongside other musicians

Whether you’ve been playing for 10 months or 10 years – there is a Wind Ensemble at CSM for you!

OUR Wind Ensembles


Who: for adults who haven’t played for very long but enjoy the challenge of playing in an ensemble

When: Saturdays 10:30am – 12:00pm

Where: Avonhead School (55 Avonhead Road)

Conductor: Elena Conde Barrio

Our Windjammers group is made up of mostly adult students who haven’t played for very long, but enjoy the challenges of playing in an ensemble. This is a happy, supportive group aimed at playing music for enjoyment and making new friends. The music is tailored to everyone’s individual level. This is a great entry level group for adults who used to play, but are a bit rusty or those who don’t have a lot of time to practise! The Windjammers play regular concerts, often organised by the players for garden parties or rest homes. This group is highly recommended if you want to have fun!

WINDPOWER - Ages 13+

Who: ages 13+ – Windpower offers more challenging repertoire – secondary students, adults – Grade 5 level and above

When: Saturdays 12:00pm-1:00pm

Where: Avonhead School (55 Avonhead Road)

Conductor: Elena Conde Barrio

Windpower is a wind only group offering wind players the chance to combine and play more challenging repertoire than is tackled by Windjammers. Students in the group are given an opportunity to expand their skills by performing on auxiliary instruments such as alto and bass flutes and bass clarinet. This group caters to secondary and adult students who are playing at grade 5 and above. A wide range of music is arranged specially for the group. It is a very social group which performs regularly in the community.

SAxophone ensemble - All Ages

Who: all ages – learning for 2 years or more

When: Tuesdays 5:45pm-7:00pm (fortnightly)

Where: Christchurch School of Music, 60 Ferry Road

Conductor: Georgina Rees-Stevenson

Who doesn’t love the saxophone? If you’ve never heard a saxophone choir, you’re missing something very special. The CSM saxophone ensemble combines saxophones of all sizes (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and even a bass) to produce a mighty sound. This ensemble plays a wonderful selection of music arranged to suit the different levels of players in the group. All ages and abilities of saxophone players are welcome to join this group, although it is recommended that students have been playing for a couple of years in order to cope with the sometimes difficult repertoire. This group meets 17 times per year (roughly fortnightly).

Clarinet ensemble - All Ages

Who: all ages – learning for 2 years or more

When: Tuesdays 7:15pm -8:30pm (fortnightly) 

Where: Christchurch School of Music, 60 Ferry Road

Conductor: Georgina Rees-Stevenson

This group plays a varied selection of music arranged to cater for the individual levels of the players in the group. All ages and abilities of clarinet players are welcome to join this group, however, most players need to have been playing for a couple of years to cope with the demands of the music. This ensemble meets 17 times per year on the (roughly fortnightly).

Flute Salad - All Ages

Who: all ages – players who are at a Grade 6 level or above

When: Saturdays 9.30am -10.30am

Where: Avonhead School (55 Avonhead Road)

Our flute choir which utilises flutes, piccolos, alto and bass flutes. Playing in a flute choir is a wonderful opportunity for flute players to develop their ensemble skills in a supportive and fun environment.

In the flute choir players have the opportunity to extend themselves playing the range of flutes with the addition of a piccolo, alto flute and bass flute to the standard flute.

Players at around a Grade 6 standard and above will find this group the most rewarding.

“A great Christchurch institution. Well organised and a wonderful place to learn to play an instrument at any age. I wouldn’t be as passionate about music without the outstanding support, teaching and joy that CSM provides!

Joleen Cherry

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About The Christchurch School of Music

Tens of thousands of Christchurch children and adults have learned to love and appreciate music at CSM. CSM is a place where the whole family can learn music in the same place at the same time! We also offer a wide range of orchestras, ensembles and performing groups for all ages and abilities.

CSM is a not-for-profit organisation with a strong focus on community. On a Saturday morning the whole family can find something musical to match their interests and abilities. Preschool children can begin their musical journey by joining in our experiential “Take Off with Music” while older children and adults may opt for group or individual lessons on a specific instrument (including voice). Those who already play are welcome to join in one of our fabulous ensembles or choirs. If Saturdays aren’t an option for you or your family, CSM also offers a range of weekday opportunities for learning and playing music.

The variety at CSM is not limited to the selection of instruments and teachers, but includes a wide range of musical styles. For those with an interest in classical music our graded orchestras are the perfect choice. The family oriented concert band plays a vast selection including classical, show tunes, folk music and popular songs that everyone will recognise. 

Filling out this form does not immediately lock you in to an wind ensemble – we will contact you to discuss your needs and find the best fit for you or your child. Want to chat with us before filling out the form?


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